The Divine House is the main lodge and is home to the Atelier des Saveurs restaurant, the TK bar, the different lounges and magnificent panoramic terraces.
All of this is surrounded by colourful and deliciously fragrant vegetation, offering unimpeded views across the bay, the ocean and the Tsaranana mountains on the horizon.
An outstanding 260° view to be admired from sunrise to sunset, a flamboyant festival of colours surrounding you by day and by night.
The possibility to see the Milky Way in all its glory is an incredible experience reserved for a few lucky individuals, including you!

Warm, colourful, comfortable and welcoming, these delightful areas opening out onto nature itself have a delicate charm all their own. A subtle combination of colours and lights combined with the astonishing works on permanent display, created by highly talented Malagasy artists.

You’ll soon become a fan and why not an ambassador of the fine TK Republik® assortment, comprised among other things of local arts and crafts (tablecloths, jewellery, spices, rum, fabric, pareos, essential oils, bathroom products, garden herbs, vanilla picked by the villagers, the chef’s jams, mangrove honey and postcards, etc.).
Countless good ideas to treat yourself or delight your friends by taking home a few souvenirs.

Throughout the day or during the evening, our guests can meet up and spend time in these lively areas, shared during delicious meals, leisurely moments or simply while strolling throughout the property.


An integral part of the experience here is the Creative Gastronomy of the Chef Tina Hary,
part of the outstanding culinary experience the Tsara Komba Luxury Beach & Forest Lodge reserves for its guests...

Leave your daily routine behind you and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the excellent talent of our Chef Tina Hary,
whose mouthwatering dishes are guaranteed to delight your eyes and tastebuds each day.
Healthy, exciting, original and flavourful cuisine.
The Chef Tina Hary brings us an expressive and colourful cuisine combining natural products in simple and subtle harmonies, which really bring the delicate and bolder dishes to life, with the addition of the occasional unexpected taste to bring you a whole new flavourful sensation. The marvellous fish (swordfish, mahi-mahi, tuna…) and shellfish (spiny lobsters, crabs or prawns) from Madagascar, caught each day locally, the succulent zebu meat and the delicacy of the duck have inspired him to produce some amazing dishes cooked in the “Slow Food“ spirit using premium, organic or wild products, guaranteeing healthy and balanced dishes.
The menu naturally includes refined and irresistible desserts with numerous compositions featuring Madagascan vanilla and chocolate.
The Chef Tina Hary also expresses his creative talent when it comes to preparing tasty gourmet vegan menus.

Straight from the vegetable garden.
To further delight its guests, Tsara Komba Luxury Beach & Forest Lodge has its own organic vegetable garden and grows a wide variety of plants, fruit and vegetables, aromatic herbs, and spices. These fresh products are then wonderfully enhanced when served as part of the tasty dishes proposed by our talented chef.

Explore the garden.
This profusion of colours, fragrances and textures continues in the garden... A wonderful opportunity to re-live cherished childhood memories or discover the sheer pleasure of “going down the garden”. In addition to the many varieties of colourful and fragrant flowers, the property’s fairytale garden is brimming with superb fruit. Along the way you’ll easily recognise the lemons, mangos, bananas, pineapples, oranges, papayas or passion fruit… but would you know the difference between the pomegranates, the jackfruit or between the kaffir limes, custard apples and soursops?
Take the time to see, discover, smell, pick and taste… a walk through the garden stimulates your senses and creates an excellent sense of natural well-being, which is good for the mind as well as stimulating your vital energy.

Choose your décor.
At Tsara Komba Luxury Beach & Forest Lodge, we are keen to propose a varied and original environment helping you get the most from the delicious dishes prepared by the Chef Tina Hary… From the Atelier des Saveurs to the terrace at your lodge, from the beach to the deck alongside the ocean or during a gourmet picnic served during an outing, … everything is possible, all you need to do is make your choice!
Private hire or room service, with supplement.
Please contact us.

High Spirit Experiences


Divine gastronomy served in a location specially prepared for you. The beach, the Lover’s Deck or the Island’s Gourmet Picnic area.

Payment required for this activity

Beach & candlelit dinner

Your table will be laid out on a deserted beach... The flickering candlelight and attentive service will set the backdrop for your evening while you enjoy yourselves.

Payment required for this activity

Yes to the lover's deck

An intimate moment gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes for lunch or dinner on this attractive terrace laid out for you and you alone alongside the ocean, with the breaking of the waves creating the perfect atmosphere conducive to romance.

Payment required for this activity

A gourmet picnic on an island

When the chef prepares you his famous picnic, it’s not only delicious but also stylish and unusual. Hop aboard the boat and head for a beach on a heavenly island.