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Wild Islands Escapades

7 nights - 6 experiences with a perfume of adventure - 1 night with breakfast offered
A partir de 2 700 € / pers., base double, Lodge Ocean View 90 m²

Experience 1

Discover the charm of Nosy Faly,a sacred island which is home to the tombs of the local dynasties. Surrounded by amazing beaches, it boasts incredible landscapes in which you can discover the huge mangrove forest and the traditional fishing village.

Experience 2

Discover the island of Tanikely with a guide, including its Marine Reserve, a genuine natural aquarium, and its spectacular snorkelling spots.

Experience 3

Admire the wild creeks during a charming trip in a dugout canoe around the island of Nosy Komba and discover the local arts and crafts in its village.

Experience 4

On a double outing to island of Nosy Mamoko (waterfalls, giant tortoises, lemurs), visit the village of the baobabs on La Grande Terre, then stop off on the island of Nosy Kisimany to enjoy yourself on the beach with a delicious picnic prepared by the chef, including fish caught and prepared by your guide.

Experience 5

Enjoy Cocktail Time on the water in the mangrove forest, the only forest with its roots in the water.

Experience 6

The "Lover's Deck" at the water’s edge is available for private hire for a very special and intimate dinner.