The lodges

Situated on the hillside in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful natural environment between the forest and the beach, the eight lodges all offer an incredible sea view and promise delicious breakfasts at sunrise and a colourful end to your day with a romantic dinner under the stars.
The trees and shrubs around your lodge will protect your privacy and also offer all the benefits of their cool shade.
These eight lodges are extremely peaceful and pleasant. They feature a tall, slender architectural design emphasising designer and exotic materials such local wood varieties (rosewood, sohihy) and waxed concrete with warm and sober shades, including beiges, greys or browns with shimmering reflections.
The roofs made from Ravinala leaves (the traveller’s tree) are very high, providing excellent natural ventilation, which is further enhanced by the shutter blinds on the sides.
Each lodge’s private area begins with the terrace, a genuinely cosy and pleasant outdoor living room in an attractive natural setting.

There’s nothing better than basking in the shade of the veranda in complete privacy. Finally, the attractive bedroom with superb view over the bay is the perfect place to relax.
The bathroom with its spacious shower opens out onto the exterior allowing in light, a delicate breeze and fragrance of the flowers,
with an atmosphere simply perfect for recharging your batteries.

Each lodge has its own character, featuring a warm, elegant, unique and highly original decorative scheme, combining a minimalistic style with this destination’s authentic atmosphere. The furniture and decorative items have been obtained from antique dealers or manufactured by local craftsmen, marvellously combining the area’s ethnic character and modernity.

Manufactured in Madagascar, the household linen is carefully chosen for its high quality and comfort. Featuring a honeycomb weave style, the bathroom linen produced from cotton fibre is soft and pleasant. Madagascan essential oils with fragrances guaranteed to produce an undeniable sense of overall wellness are used in the hospitality products and also available as air fresheners in the Lodge.


The Property

Tsara Komba Luxury Beach and Forest Lodge is organised around a main lodge, The Divine House, overlooking the property and offering an outstanding view over the bay, the ocean and the faraway Tsaranana mountains. This is home to the L’atelier des Saveurs restaurant, where the Chef Tina Hary has an incredible slow-food inspired culinary experience awaiting you, along with the bar and its thousand and one varieties of flavoured rum and the terraces and lounges where you can relax at your leisure admiring the dolphins and whales depending on the time of year.
The eight Ocean View Lodges are dotted throughout a luxurious leafy environment offering privacy and tranquillity for our guests.
The flat stone paths bordered by vetiver, lemongrass or ylang-ylang all lead down to the beach, where the welcoming sunbeds await you.
Only a few steps separate you from the 30°C water, though the deckchairs set out along the sea's edge may prove an irresistible attraction.

Tsara Komba Luxury Beach and Forest Lodge also offers hospitality tailored to each person’s individual pace and lifestyle - upon request, meals can be served at a time of your choosing - matched by refined, discrete, attentive and efficient service to meet your needs throughout the day and evening.

A chic, arty, relaxed and elegant art of living can be enjoyed throughout your stay and experienced down to the last detail.
Perfect for leaving your day-to-day life behind you and reconnecting with yourself as you enjoy your newly discovered freedom, your stay at Tsara Komba Luxury Beach and Forest Lodge will far exceed your expectations and will be a genuine pleasure you’ll treasure forever. Whether you prefer to enjoy the tranquillity of your Lodge or set off on exciting adventures, we are on hand to ensure your comfort, to rouse your curiosity and to guide you. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

There’s so much to discover at Tsara Komba Luxury Beach and Forest Lodge … on land, at sea, under the water and even up in the air!

The Divine House

Known as The Divine House, the main lodge is home to the L’Atelier des Saveurs restaurant, the TK bar and the lounges and terraces, all surrounded by a deliciously fragrant vegetation opening onto the bay, the ocean and the Tsaranana mountains on the horizon.
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