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Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja, Turtle island (they come here to lay their eggs on the beach) is comprised of two small islands linked by a bank of fine sand. Sometimes the water completely covers it but it can usually be admired sparkling in the sun. The water here is celadon green.
During the season, it is not uncommon to encounter whales on the road to Nosy Iranja.

The island is therefore divided into two. To the east, Iranja Kely, overrun by lush vegetation and populated by numerous ferns and endemic species. It covers roughly 13 hectares. To the West, Iranja Be, or “large island” covers almost 200 hectares. It’s home to a fishing village and its traditional huts built in the shade of the filaos.

From the village, an earth track leads to the highest points of Iranja Be, where the silhouette of a former lighthouse, built by Gustave Eiffel, can still be admired. To the south, on La Grande Terre, you’ll see Baramahamay Bay, home to villages specialising in the construction of dugout canoes and dhows. A spectacular and timeless landscape!

On the way back to Tsara Komba Lodge, a stopover is planned on the island of Nosy Antsoha where you will meet 3 different species of lemurs.