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The Baie des russes

The Baie des Russes (Russian Bay) owes its name to an Imperial Russian fleet from St Petersburg which stopped off here from December 1904 to March 1905. When the Russian fleet left, one ship, the Vlötny, was left behind, having been forgotten or else its crew had mutinied.... And its sailors gave “Russian Bay” its name.

Several fishing villages are found here as the region is known for its large fish. Dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays and humpback whales (August to mid-November) are all part of the scenery here. Bordered by coconut trees and filaos, the beaches are also used as egg laying grounds by the sea turtles and the numerous coral reefs act as genuine natural aquariums. Magnificent snorkelling with abundant aquatic life!

This escapade is often associated with Nosy Mamoko/Nosy Kisimany or Nosy Iranja escapades.